May 18, 2011

A busy semester..

Abstract Syntax Trees. Target lists. Augassigns. Function types.

This semester I took a compilers course with Professor Hilfinger, who, despite his formidable reputation, quickly became my favorite professor at Berkeley. During the course of the semester, my group of four and I wrote a Python compiler in C++ basically from the ground up (in three parts, each around 200-300 hours each) - the reason I haven't blogged since February! I'm looking forward to learning more about compilers and now it's summer so I'll have plenty of time to blog again! (:

On my todo list this summer:

  • Fun side project: Javascript HTML5 Canvas Physics engine project (possibly to be ported later to WebGL) with my friend Franklin Hu. We started a bit yesterday, it's pretty fun so far (until we get to the really really hard physics).

    Follow our GitHub if you're interested!

  • As an undergraduate researcher in UC Berkeley's AMPLab, I'll be working on the CrowdDb project - check out their SIGMOD paper.

  • Fun side project: Augmented Reality Android LaserTag/FPS game (probably too ambitious, but we'd love to give it a shot).

  • Finish reading Javascript: The Good Parts, and Smashing Book 2 (that I got for Valentine's day!)

  • Fun side project: Some kind of Android app for my new Galaxy Tab that I got from Google IO 2011!