July 9, 2011

Being a Designer

Being a designer is like being Priest in an MMO.

This is probably the nerdiest and geekiest thing I've ever said, but it's totally true. As far as I've seen (or maybe this is just in Berkeley), there's a disproportionate ratio of designers to developers so I'm constantly being called on by startups or project teams looking for UX work.

I'm definitely not complaining - this is awesome news for me. But it's a little lonely not knowing too many other designers in the area, and I'd love to be able to collaborate on projects or bounce ideas off another design-minded person. I got my first taste of this at my internship where there's an actual UX/design engineer on the team, and I have to say that I loved the experience!

So if there are any budding or veteran designers who go to Berkeley or are in the area, just holler. (: