Category: projects

OCT 25 2011


_Disclaimer: These screenshots in no way represent my actual interest/interview status with companies. I have randomly selected companies to demo the smiley face moods, so the sad/happy faces do not reflect my actual sentiments towards those companies._ You know how companies have these online systems in place to keep track...
OCT 15 2011


This was my last Yahoo HackU ever, since I'll be graduating this semester! To celebrate this occasion, my friends Brandon Wang, Allen Chen, and I redid the classic game Bombermen as a real-time, multiplayer, WebGL game. We won honorable mention, and although we won't be posting the code or putting...
OCT 14 2011


CrowdDb is a hybrid computer-human database that processes queries using crowd-sourcing if the data in the database is incomplete or if the query is asking about something that machines are notoriously bad at doing (ex. entity resolution, matching photos). This is a research project I worked on last summer in...
SEP 15 2011

Web Design Decal

I teach the Web Design Decal (at Berkeley, "decals" are courses founded, organized, and taught by students), and this year, I decided to revamp the website! The website includes roll-taking for students, assignment submission and grading, and other class instructional tools. Built in collaboration with Jonathan Ko, original site built...
MAR 13 2011

Cereal Visualization

This semester I'm taking a Data Sciences courses (taught by Jeff Hammerbacher of Facebook/Cloudera), and our second assignment was to, given nutritional data about different cereal brands, create a dashboard/visualization to display the data. I couldn't help but go all out on the design.
OCT 16 2010


"Official description": WebIDE is a collaborative (real-time) browser IDE complete with syntax highlighting, compile/warning line highlighting, method list via reflection and byte-code analysis, and in-browser console (with standard input). WebIDE is a hack my friends and I built overnight in 18 hours for Yahoo's University Hack Day here at UC...
JUL 20 2010


Last weekend, I went up to Berkeley to measure my new tiny apartment room to decide what furniture my roommate and I would be able to fit in it. Trying to work out the measurements on paper, I was inspired to build an application to do it for me (because...
JUL 02 2010


Raise your hand if you have ever been annoyed trying to keep track of shared apartment expenses and/or forgetting how much someone owes you. Last year, I built the first version of Expendite (Yes, I think that name is clever) to manage expenses in my apartment - keeping a running...