July 2, 2010


Raise your hand if you have ever been annoyed trying to keep track of shared apartment expenses and/or forgetting how much someone owes you.

Last year, I built the first version of Expendite (Yes, I think that name is clever) to manage expenses in my apartment - keeping a running total of who owed who what, and supporting marked payments and consolidation. I was pleasantly surprised when many of my friends asked if they could use the application as well, and I vowed to make the user experience better when I had the time

This summer, I started working on it again. I revamped the design, factored my quite appalling Ruby code, added regression testing, and added a few new features. The application is still in 'beta', which means you have to go through me to get an account, but I'm planning on opening up soon. Don't be put off by the semi-lack of cool functionality -- I'm forever working on new features!

Update: Sadly, Expendite has been discontinued as of 1/6/13.