October 5, 2011

Sorry for the long hiatus!

I know I always write a post like this every couple of months or so, but I swear I'm coming back to blogging soon!

It's my (probably) my last semester at Berkeley, and I'm really excited and terrified at the same time. My workload this semester is intentionally light (well, "light" by Berkeley EECS standards) because I want to focus more on working on awesome side projects, but I've still been bogged down with projects and interviews.

I'm currently taking CS162, which was originally the upper-division OS course at Berkeley but now is an "introduction to systems" course, and a crazy fun experimental Programming in the Cloud class which focuses on distributed systems programming. Both of these classes have got me thinking about what I actually want to do when I graduate, because although I've primarily been a frontend person (go look at my portfolio), I'm super interested in databases and distributed systems and would love to learn more about these topics.

And speaking of graduating/jobs, I got my first ever full-time offer last week, from Google! I've also been going on a ridiculous amount of interviews with other large companies (Facebook, Microsoft, etc) and small startups trying to find a project I could be passionate about. Who knows, who knows.

Also - sorry, this post seems to be very scattered; I'm tired from working on my CS162 project - I went to my last ever (tear) Yahoo hackathon a couple of weekends ago, and we had a blast building a multiplayer/realtime WebGL Bomberman game called Bombermen. We won an honorable mention and I'm currently in the process of cleaning up the code (JavaScript at 3am = messy, unorganized JavaScript), so keep a lookout for a demo on my portfolio and/or HackerNews sometime soon!