Disclaimer: These screenshots in no way represent my actual interest/interview status with companies. I have randomly selected companies to demo the smiley face moods, so the sad/happy faces do not reflect my actual sentiments towards those companies.

You know how companies have these online systems in place to keep track of all their job candidates?

In the last semester of my senior year, I felt so overwhelmed with all of the companies that I was interviewing with that I decided to create the reverse - an online system for me, the job candidate, to keep track of all the companies. Side note: I thought I was solving a greater need when a couple of my friends told me, "Amber, nobody else has these problems".

Basically, you can create buckets and companies to go into those buckets, annotating each company with your current "mood" in happy/sad faces (IMHO, this is the most awesome feature). By default, I have "Interested", "Waiting", "Interviewing", and "Received Offer" buckets but everything is renamable and editable so you can feel free to use this application for anything you need (e.g. graduate school application tracking).

I'm currently in the process of adding new features—the ability to add notes for each company (deadlines, locations, etc) and backend storage (the app currently uses local storage, don't clear your browser data) are at the top of my list, but feel free to contact me if you'd like to see anything else.

This project was also an awesome opportunity for me to teach myself Backbone.js, which I've been meaning to learn for a while. I will blog about my experiences sometime and/or open source the code!