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OCT 10 2014

Move fast, don't break your API

As a sequel to my talk last year on [building Stripe's API], I thought it'd be useful to go over how we scaled some of our internal abstractions to continue building and iterating quickly. I gave this talk at [APIStrat Chicago] a couple of weeks ago and several [events] at...
MAY 08 2014

Opening files in Github from Vim

I spend a lot of time nowadays doing code reviews and helping spin people up on Stripe (or more generally, distributing knowledge about our code base). One thing I found myself needing over and over again was the ability to show someone a file or some code over IM or...
FEB 23 2013

Building Stripe's API

I just got back from New York, where I gave my first conference talk ever at the [API Strategy and Practice] conference. Pretty exciting! I thought it would be interesting to talk about [Stripe]'s API, particularly lessons learned and what kind things we did to try to make using the...
DEC 21 2012

Private methods in Ruby

Consider the following code: (This blew my mind the other day.) class Hello def public_hello self.private_hello end private def private_hello puts "Hello!" end end You would expect that this would work fine: `private_hello` is a private method, but it's being called from within the class. Nope. >> hello =
OCT 31 2012

Discount Code Cards

I love career fairs. In college, I loved going to career fairs to get swag—EECS majors are definitely ridiculously spoiled when it comes to getting free things like shirts and food (I even got a poker set once!). Anyway, while planning our trip to the [UC Berkeley Startup Fair]( this...
JUN 18 2011

Exporting SVN to Git

I love Git. So much, in fact, that when I switched web hosts last month I decided to move all of my SVN repositories and put them on [Github]( or into private Git repositories. Github's SVN import utility is painfully slow (and maybe even broken, I'm not sure) - so...
DEC 24 2010

My Launch Checklist

Before you think about launching a site, make sure you have your bases covered! Here are the top three things I always have on my "checklist". ## Cross-browser Compatibility This seems like a no-brainer, but I'm usually pretty bad with this because I like to test and debug all of...
SEP 14 2010

Fibonacci Times Three

On the first day of my Algorithms class here at school, we learned three ways to implement the well known [Fibonacci series]( generating algorithm. ## Standard recursive Everyone and their mom knows the recursive way to implement Fibonacci: def fib(n) return 1 if n < 2 fib(n-1) + fib(n-2) end...
AUG 20 2010

Google Code Jam: Alien Numbers

Lately I've been really into doing Google Codejam practice problems (aka I'm a nerd). I discovered I really need to brush up on my algorithms ): ## The Problem The decimal numeral system is composed of ten digits, which we represent as "0123456789" (the digits in a system are written...
JUL 14 2010

SVN Ignoring Files/Directories

I've been trying to learn more about using command line SVN because I'm not terribly familiar with it, here is a super quick reference guide to the most common/useful SVN commands. ###Checking out a repository (with optional username/password flags): svn checkout [SVN REPO] [LOCAL DIR] --username [USER] --password [PASS] ###Copying...
JUL 14 2010

Automatically Capturing Website Screenshots

I've recently had inspiration for a new web application that fits my needs as a web designer (it's a secret for now), but it's not a standard CRUD web app so it requires a fair amount of new programming/customization that I'm struggling with. One thing the application requires that I'm...
JUL 01 2010

Color Scheme Designer

Recently, I re-stumbled upon a website that I absolutely love using for choosing or playing around with different color schemes, [Color Scheme Designer]( Visually stunning, this online tool includes a color wheel where users can intuitively drag around color selectors and a number of scheme types such as "Mono", "Complement",...